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About Third Eye

In 2009, our business idea was born. Having studied the market carefully and in detail, to find out what the crucial customer needs are, we came to several conclusions and discoveries.

And guess what we discovered?

We have uncovered that there are many essentials missing in this market, most importantly is the professionalism as artists.

People can’t enjoy the service they’re getting. Most service providers are aiming to “sell” without the interest of their clients in mind. They miss the experience, the joy. We focused on how to improve that experience, to take it to the next level, to make it enjoyable, unforgettable experience, and life-time moral value.

How we will start all that? By knowledge and experience sharing, the more educated the customers are, the more they will value it. We started providing the photo & video services in 2016, To see the customer’s reaction to our services, and have them compare them to other services provided by other businesses. The reaction from the customers said it all.

That is when we decided that it is now the right time to start with the bigger plan… Third Eye.

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Vision & Mission

We aim to become top-notch media service providers in the region, where the high-end quality, speed of delivery and professionalism meets.

By ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of our Third Eye family members, we will be able to transfer the happiness to our customers.

The happier our family members are, the better services they can provide.
We believe in providing and maintaining a happy working environment